Keep Fighting. Especially When it Hurts.

by | May 26, 2022

It’s been about a month since my last blog post. I had hoped to do them more frequently but, right now, I am super busy with the “day job,” the actual writing bit of being an author, carving out time for a social life, and – in particular this last few weeks – getting this year’s gardens going and spring clean-up of the yard.

I was going to get on here and update about the writing but, as often happens, something far more important has come up. So, quickly, the writing is going good (I’m a little behind where I want to be with projects but not risking missing deadlines… yet), I’ll have Angel of Death paperbacks available to sign and ship in the next couple of weeks, I am shopping my most recently completed novel, and I have lots of great story ideas that I don’t have time for right now and am trying hard not to let suck me in.

So, whatever. None of it matters much today.

Once again, the country is reeling from a mass shooting; this one killing 19 children and 2 teachers in an elementary school in Texas. It took less than 24 hours for Republican politicians to jump on the usual “this isn’t the time to make it political” and “don’t blame the gun” bullshit talking points. A few said we need better mental healthcare (which I agree with) but that means little coming from people who continue to vote against improved healthcare.

Democrats, per usual, are “furious.” I am certain they will work “furiously” to accomplish nothing.

The gun culture in this country, the power of money and lobbies, the corruption of our politicians, and the division that our media helps to promote is at an epic level of disgusting. I can remember when a politician would be held accountable for lying, cheating, hypocrisy, and even bad spelling. Now, the louder you yell, the more you insult the “other” side, the better for much of the country. That’s what they want. That’s what reality TV, social media, and just plain ignorance has brought us.

I wish kids’ lives mattered as much as a fetus or a gun. I wish people cared as much about kids being shot as the do about their “right” to not wear a mask or get a vaccine. I wish people really cared about other people and not just about themselves.

I thought about stepping away for a while. I thought that maybe I’d just bury my head in the sand, concentrate on writing stories, stay off social media and away from the news. I thought about it and I’d love to do it and it would probably improve my own mental health considerably.

But I can’t.

Much like my “threats” to move to another country, the idea of “going dark” is mostly fantasy. I can’t abandon this country, innocent children who are just trying to get an education, my friends and my family just because it’s shitty right now. That’s when we have to work even harder.

I can’t look at my sons and say, “I give up.” I can’t not try to make this country and this worls a better place for them.

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