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I would, mostly, like this blog to be about what I’m writing, what I’m reading, what I’m watching; you know, entertaining stuff. Most horror authors I know (and really the whole genre community) are really nice, usually really funny people. I like to think I’m the same. Most of the time, that’s the kind of stuff you can expect to find here.

Those “horror folks” are also very sincere and caring and thoughtful people. Some of the most I’ve ever met. And I’d like to be a person who projects that, as well. I try to be. And we’re passionate. So, on occasion, you’re going to find that I will veer into politics or current events and, because I’m just that type of person that needs to get stuff out of my head, I will often express my opinion about things that, at that time, are relevant to my life.

If you follow my social media, none of this will surprise you.

Now, I understand if you don’t want to hear that kind of shit from me. Maybe it’s not something you’re interested in, or maybe you get enough of that from other sources (too much, most likely). I get that. I hope you’ll just scroll past and pay attention to the other stuff.

At the same time, I won’t apologize for those posts. And what I mean is that I won’t apologize for making those rants or having those observations or starting those conversations. If I get it wrong, and someone sets me straight, I will ABSOLUTELY apologize for my mistakes. That’s something we should all be willing to do and also be allowed to do. People learn. People change. It’s the ones that don’t that we need to keep an eye on.

Preemptively, I will tell you now that, politically, I consider myself an Independent but definitely lean left. I would be hard pressed to find a reason, in this day and age, to support a Republican. If you are a “Go Brandon” chanting, red hat wearing, MAGA person, you should just leave now. Frankly, I don’t need or want your support. Is that a bad thing to put out there as I am just now really trying to launch this writing career thing? Probably. Do I care? Not really. All I can say is that I have my convictions and I am proud of them and stand by them.

None of that means that I can’t see things from the perspective of the conservative viewpoint. There are some (very few, I think) issues that I would land on the “Right” side of the line with. There are more that I can understand, even if I don’t agree with them. I do have Right leaning friends that I can have thoughtful and intelligent conversations with and, if we were running things, we could usually find some compromise because most people want the same things, it’s just about how to get there. But certain beliefs and rhetoric and blind acceptance of bullshit are bridges too far, ya know?

So this is a little bit of insight and, for some, a little bit of warning about what you guys can expect from me when things around here slip toward politics. I don’t think any of it will come as a shock as, by and large, us creative types tend to be liberals. Hopefully, I don’t chase anyone off with this post but, if I did, they were probably the type of people I’m okay with losing as supporters.

Despite the name, the Faithful Few is a group that I hope will encompass many different viewpoints and beliefs and backgrounds and nationalities and so on. A varied group of individuals brought together by the common interests in stories and music and humor and entertainment.

In my next post, just to lighten things up, I’ll let you know where I stand on religion. Muah-ha-ha!




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Michael A. Kozlowski is a native of Detroit, MI, where he still resides. He mostly creates stories of horror and suspense and has a tendency to shy away from happy endings.

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