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by | Mar 16, 2022

“Blog” sounds like such a scary thing, I think. Really close to The Blob; fitting for a horror/suspense writer. I should probably have some cool name for the blog, but I don’t so this is what you get.

Actually, I guess it’s The Return of the Blog since I’ve been here before. It’s been a while, though. For those of you returning: thanks for the patience. For those of you that are new: welcome aboard.

You can find the ‘about me’ stuff on another page of the website or various social media sites so I won’t go into all that. This space will mainly be a forum to let you know what I’ve got going on with the writing, maybe posts some pictures, rant about random shit and whatever other bloggy stuff comes to mind. If you’re here at the launch of the new site, you’ll see a few blog posts that I’ve written to have available as the site goes live. I don’t know exactly how often new posts will go up but join the mailing list and you’ll know when they do.

So, for this first blog post, let’s just have a quick update:

New website! Well, old website but new website design. Cool, right? John at Graphikitchen really knocked it out of the park! There’s lots of cool stuff, shit you can buy, a mailing list . . . It’s all very groovy.

You’ll see that I have some stuff coming out soon.

The first two books in what I think will be a four book series (you never know for sure until you’re done) will be coming out this year from Raven Tale Publishing. Very soon, actually. It’s a project that I’v been messing with in various ways for a looooong time, so it’s very exciting to see it coming to fruition.

Visible Ink Press and I have agreed to a contract to produce a “true ghost stories” book to be published in the Fall of 2023. I am having a lot of fun with this one. It’s a bit of a different kind of writing for me but I’m really enjoying it. I hope you will to.

Various other projects in various other stages. As any of them break loose, you’ll hear it here first. I don’t want to get too wordy here so I’ll leave the first post at that.



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