Fallen Angel: A Post-Apocalypse Horror Novel (The John Angel Series Book 2)


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Eleven years after the first corpse crawled from its grave, the world is adapting to life with the undead. No longer the apocalyptic threat that they first were, Reclaimed Citizens are integrating into society.

Against this backdrop, John Angel is crisscrossing the country on a quest to find his daughter who disappeared over a decade ago. Fresh from a five-year stint in prison, Angel has teamed up with the one person he believes can help him put the last pieces of the puzzle together and track down Emily, his old bounty-hunting partner and ex-lover, Holli.

Complicating matters is the interference of The Organization, a black ops group that is working to prevent a war between the living and the undead. They have presented Angel with an offer he can’t refuse: taking out the de facto leader of the growing zombie rights movement. Robert Tasker, a used car salesman in his first life and a successful, charismatic businessman and civic leader in his second, is bent on more than just equality for the undead. He wants domination. He knows Angel is coming for him, and he’s not about to let the bounty hunter that he helped put away five years ago stop him when he’s this close to unleashing his master plan.

Angel must keep The Organization at bay, avoid the authorities, and keep clear of Tasker’s fury as he and Holli race to follow the trail that he hopes will finally lead him to Emily.

Can Angel rise above, or will he fall?


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