Some Days Suck, Some Days Suck Worse (PDF)


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Does a PDF suit you better than the Kindle format? Too lazy to click over to Amazon? Don’t want to fun Jeff Bezos’ penis rockets? We got you. This collection of horror and suspense stories runs the gamut of fear. You’ll find monsters, phobias, heartbreak and insanity within. A whopping twenty-two stories are gathered here, most of them previously published in various print and digital magazines and/or anthologies.

These stories will hurt your heart, assault your sensibilities, and make you check twice under the bed and in the closet before crawling under the covers. There is something here to disturb everyone. As the name implies, you shouldn’t come looking for “happily ever after” but if you enjoy a good thrill, a bit of suspense, or a healthy scare, you’ll find it in these pages.


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