Life in Australia (PDF)


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This is the book that started it all. Way, way back in 2005-2006, Mike took a job offer in Australia and dragged the whole damn family across the ocean to live for a while. The thing is, Mike’s the kind of person who wants to know a lot about everything, especially as it directly relates to his life. So he found himself with a stack of books about moving to Australia, what the culture was like, expat specific issues, what animals could kill you (FYI, it’s all of them. ALL of the animals in Australia can kill you), etc. He really thought there should be one, concise book for someone in his situation. So, he decided to write it.

Life in Australia was subsequently published by an expatriate resource site and several excerpts from the book appeared in various magazines and on numerous blogs. Some of the information in the book is a little out of date these days, but it is still a great resource for people moving or travelling to Australia. And if you enjoy a bit of folly and self-deprecating humor, the personal experiences that frame the information on travelling Down Under, the history of the continent, the culture, and the amazing flora and fauna, will keep you entertained throughout. Think of something by Bill Bryson and you’re on the right track.

This was the launching point for Mike’s writing; a passion he is still pursuing. It’s available here, exclusively, Cane Toad warts and all.


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