Scooby Doo, where are you?

by | Aug 17, 2022

Well, well, well…. Looks like a lot of you are still here. That’s cool.

It’s been a little bit since my last blog post. Here’s the skinny: I’m a pretty busy guy, especially in the summer. I play softball, I golf a lot, I garden, I have a lot of weekend getaways, I’m in a band, and of course I’m reading and writing. That doesn’t even touch on the everyday stuff like, you know, the dumb job I have to keep going to so I can pay bills, and the constant work of being a homeowner, or the immense amount of time spent on my beauty regiment. It’s all rather exhausting.

My vegetable gardens have been very prolific this year and I have taken up canning in an effort to battle the prodigious amounts of tomatoes and cucumbers that are overrunning my yard. It’s going pretty well (my dill pickles are fucking AHHHH-mazing) but it’s almost another full time job.

I also took a trip to Ireland (any of you on my social media will have seen the adventures lol). Speaking of which, I should remind all of you to follow my social media, if you don’t already; particularly, Facebook and Instagram, where I am most active.

I will work on being better, though. I promise.

“So what’s been happening?” you might ask.

Book two of the John Angel series, Fallen Angel, has been released into the wild (well, to Amazon) and is available there in digital format and paperback. As soon as I have some copies in my hands, I will add a link in the store for signed copies. But if you just can’t wait, click the cover below.

It’s always exciting to have a new piece of work coming out but, to be honest with you all, I haven’t been particularly encouraged with the sales of book one. I can’t do a whole lot about getting people to buy the book. My social media reach is limited, I can’t force all the friends and family who said they were going to buy the book to ACTUALLY buy the book (it’d be great if they did but most of us authors know that only 1 or 2 out of every 20 or 30 people who say they want to support you, are really going to), and I am only so willing (and able) to spend time badgering people or making social media posts begging people to buy it.

I’ve also been a little disappointed in the publisher’s efforts to promote book one. Maybe we’ll see something different as the second book comes out but I’m not especially hopeful. It seems this publisher has decided to start focusing more on “creature feature” books that are, basically, various iterations of Sharknado. Not really my jam.

And while I understand that I am working with a fairly small publisher, I have not been impressed by the editorial process or the whole “getting the book to print” efforts. My contract was for two books with an option for more. I have two more books in the series outlined (roughly) but I haven’t decided how to move forward, yet. I’m leaning toward working on other book ideas. I have A LOT of ideas. I probably have enough “notes” and “snippets” in my phone to make up the word count of two or three more novels (lol) but there’s that whole making it make sense thing.

I was hoping the process of getting the beginnings of the John Angel story out there would inspire me to work on the additional books that I envision for the series but the excitement that revisiting the characters rekindled has been mostly balanced by the lack of excitement in the publishing process and sales. So, it’s kind of a wash.

I have another completed, standalone novel that I have sent to a preferred publisher. They haven’t said, “no,” but they haven’t said, “yes,” either. I’m compiling a small list of other agents and publishers to send queries to (I am the absolute worst about this and definitely need an assistant lol).

While I’m weighing all of that, I am back to working on the “true” ghost stories book. I have a, mostly self-imposed, deadline of October to complete this one and, frankly, I am behind schedule. This book is research heavy and there’s only so much room for artistic license in the storytelling. It’s a strange endeavor. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it (in fact, I quite like the whole research bit), but I’m struggling to hit a groove. It’ll come, it’s just a bit harder to find.

I hope those of you who bought Angel of Death, will continue along with me by picking up Fallen Angel, when it’s available. I hope those of you who haven’t read book one, will give it a try. I hope all of you are anxious to check out the ghost story book, and I hope you’ve given the short story collection a chance (I’m pretty proud of the stories and in there you can pick it up HERE, or HERE.

More than all that, though, I hope you are having a great summer (or winter, if you’re one of my southern hemisphere friends). Thanks for sticking with me and for the support. I look forward to entertaining all of you.

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